Fabrica Division

Crystal Fabrica, a division of Crystal Tile and Marble Ltd. is probably the most unique natural stone countertop fabricator in Canada. We import our own stones, have amazing equipment and customer service that is hard to match.
We have state of the art facility to cut, polish and customize the stones to your specific needs. Choosing the colour of granite for your countertop is not enough. Sometimes slabs can vary in colour and pattern, even within one batch, so we want you to pick the very slabs that we’ll use for your project. After we template your cabinets, you can come back to the warehouse and align them on the slab and choose what parts you want to use. Want to keep that colourful vein on the countertop? Or maybe you want to put your sink cutout where the darker spots are? It’s all possible with us. The wide range of edge profiles is also useful to change the look of your countertops. Whether you pick something modern like a bevelled edge or more traditional such as an ogee, we have the edge designs that match every kitchen. But the real freedom starts with custom shapes of your countertops. A corner bump-out can truly accent your stylized corbels and make the granite really fit in with your cabinetry. We have the tools and the skill it takes to make your designs come true. Take a look at our gallery to see what others have done with their ideas.