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Crystal Tile & Marble Ltd., is committed to interacting, communicating and providing goods and services to members of the public that are based on the full inclusion of all persons with disabilities. We recognize people with disabilities may have different needs and we will in accordance with government guidelines, support the identification, removal and prevention
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About Stone STONE TYPES LIMESTONE: Mainly consists of calcite. It does not show much graining or crystalline structure. It has a smooth granular surface. Varies in hardness. Some dense limestones can be polished. Common colors are black, grey, white, yellow or brown. It is more likely to stain than marble. Limestone is known to contain
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MARBLE The Lincoln Memorial, also in Washington, was built of marble from Alabama, Colorado, and Georgia. Very pure calcite marble is used for most statues. They are translucent. Large blocks of colored marble are used for columns, floors, and other parts of buildings. Smaller pieces of marble are crushed or finely ground and used as
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Granite Overview Granite is an igneous rock made up of quartz, mica and feldspar amongst other minerals. It is quarried in large blocks around the world, cut into slabs approximately 2 inches thick and polished for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Other than being cut to fit your kitchen, with a topical and edge finishing